Next Generation all electric Anti-Surge Actuator

Advanced Mechatronics has been appointed by Aker Solutions to provide all electric Anti-Surge Actuators for the Jansz-Io Compression Project.

Advanced Mechatronics is expanding

New office facility established on site

Due to the increasing engineering presence within Advanced Mechatronics a new office facility has been established on site. With 24 full time engineers focused on the delivery of actuation systems for Subsea Projects a 50% expansion of the office space has been undertaken.

Installation of a Hyperbaric Tank

Improved manufacturing and testing speed whilst reducing the Carbon Footprint

Advanced Mechatronics has completed the installation of a Hyperbaric Tank that will allow pressure testing up to 330 bar (equivalent to 3000 m water depth) for subsea electric actuators and actuation systems. This provides API17F validation pressurization for components and fully assembled actuators.